Lord Shiva “The shakti” Hindu Trinity HD Photos Wallpapers Images Download

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Here we are sharing latest Lord Shiva “The Shakti” Hindu Trinity HD Photos Wallpapers Images Download free for desktop and mobiles.  lord shiva qualities with Family Photos

Lord Shiva About:

Lord Shiva is the last component of the Hindu statue, and the worship and worship of God belong to attributes and is the Lord of the Hereafter. But Shu-din’s followers only take Shiva into reality, which created Dharma . It is considered to be a cleansing of sins and a saved person from sin.

“Shiva Parwan” is written in the name of Shiva’s 108. There is a large number of Shiites in Southern India . Shiva Gaga, Glass Snake, 3rd Eye and Ravishak Mala are attributed to Shiva. In the narrative this was the destruction of destruction, destruction, war and storm. Her forehead is the third eye called “translation”. lord shiva number

This is called out by the Rage against the flame of love that God works giant was once burned down his rage and his suffering in the Universe with great difficulties. Shoe signaling is worshiped. Shiva’s wife is Omaha who is called Daga , Black and Saty .

In the name of Shiva, many sects exist in Hindustan , Pasutarpark , Shiv Sudhanth , Lataataand Naraara – in the third South and in the fourth Bengal.

Shiva’s children are also told. A son named kartykyWhich is a supporter of the gods of the gods and the other Ganesh is the combination of elephants and humans.

Lord Shiva History:

What is about Shiva is that it is one of India’s oldest gods. The archaeological discovery of Valley Indus Civilization has been discovered in which there is an image of a god that features the characteristics of Shiva, and it has been decided that Shiva Or even a fan of similar gods worshiped India forty and a half years ago. how old is lord shiva

The study of Vedak literature in the early era shows that Arya had also taken the concept of a god in India with features of which many were similar to ancient Indian goddess Shiva.

This deity of the arrows Radar in the early Vedic literature As well. Over time, the mixture between the arrows and the ancient non-Arya inhabitants of India, was found that the goddess Radi and the ancient goddess Shiva of India are two names of the same personality.

As a result of this feeling, in the last days of Vedic period, a goddess of the name of Rider Shiva emerges on the basis of which the characteristics of ancient Shiva and Arya Radar are absorbed and which are characteristic of both. In this case, ancient Shiva has also received seal reverence for Vadak Brahmannu. However, the dominant element is the abstract concept of “Shiv rdr” to the era of personality incarnation is largely incomplete.

Raidi Shivu has been remembered in the Shyita Shitra Kishore as the Lord of High and Awakening, But no personality and personal view of his personality was presented. After the Vedak period, Shiva is seen in the form of a complete personalized god with his unique feature for the first time in the Mahabharata period (400 BC – 500 CE) . In the Mahabharata, Shiva has been presented in the form of a great god, and the various historical stories of this particular attribute are also described…

Lord Shiva Profile Information:

AffiliationParabrahman (Shaivism), Trimurti, Deva, Ishvara
AbodeMount Kailash
MantraOm Namah Shivaya
WeaponTrishula, Pashupatastra,  Parashu (Axe), Rudra Astra, Pinaka (bow)
FestivalsMaha Shivaratri, Shravan month
Personal information
ConsortParvati (identified with Kali/ Durga), Sati , Mohini
ChildrenGanesha and Kartikeya
Regional: Ayyappan (Aiyanar, Shasta), Ashokasundari, Manasa, Vishnumaya and others


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