Volkswagen E-Golf Blue Car Model

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Volkswagen e-Golf 2015 Car Model Pictures (2)

E-Golf by Volkswagen is a New Car model is released. Latest model of Volkswagen e-Golf electric car, in front of its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The elegant looking electric 5-door hatchback door is the first car Volkswagen plug-in car planned for production, although the production number to be constructed and sold remains unreadable.

Volkswagen electric Golf’s lithium-ion battery pack has a capability of 24.2 kw-hours. The motor that exponents the head wheels also evolved in-house–is rated at 115 horsepower and 199 pound feet of torque. The race acceleration of rest is given as 4.2 sec to 25 mph and 10.4 seconds for the 00 to 60-mph.

Acceleration Speed goes to maximum of 87 mph. The charger can operate on at up to 7.2 kilowatts, pregnant a completely pregnant battery could be recharged in 4 to 5 hr. A full recharge on pregnant 110-Volt U.S. ménage current will take ménage 20 hrs.

New car Volkswagen E-Golf has 3 driving modes including Normal, Eco, and Eco+ ( Eco Plus), and also 3 various levels of pertaining to regeneration, tending to regenerate; as, regenerative influences braking that can be chose with the shift lever.

Where the e-Golf already will be pricey. All the same, fielding an electric car is modish these days, no matter of cost. See photos collection of Volkswagen E-Golf Blue Car Model…

Volkswagen e-Golf 2015 Car Model Pictures Volkswagen e-Golf 2015 Car Model Pictures (2) Volkswagen e-Golf 2015 Car Model Pictures (3)

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