The new S-Class Coupé Car Model by Mercedes-Benz

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The new S-Class Coupé by Mercedes-Benz (5)

If you can’t delay for the world premiere of the new S-Class Coupé at the Geneva worldwide engine display in stride, how about a first gaze at this aesthetic, exclusive high-end coupé? Enjoy!. The new coupe portions more than just a name with the recently-unveiled S-Class sedan.

Swept-back and more raging torrent than the sedan, the Coupe has a smaller greenhouse with a tall beltline, a long hood in addition to more flared wheel arches.

At almost 200 inches from topto lower, the S-Class Coupe is doubtlessly a big 2 door but that aligns with Mercedes’ intentions. Mechanically, the S-Class Coupe portions the bulk of its engines with its four-door sibling. The new S-Class Coupé by Mercedes-Benz (5)

The entry-level S500 form is driven by a twin-turbocharged 4.7 liter V8 super engine that charges 455 horsepower and 516 lb-ft. of torque to the back wheels by a seven-speed self-acting transmission.

A larger exhaust line presents the Coupe a throatier growl than its sedan equivalent. A V12-powered model called S600 and at least one AMG-tuned variant will connect the lineup subsequent in the output run.

The S-Class Coupe inaugurates an revised type of Mercedes’ illusion BODY CONTROL that enables the vehicle to discover into bends like a motorcycle. conceived to decrease lateral acceleration, the system is hardworking from 19 mph to 119 mph.

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The latest S-Class Coupé Car Model by Mercedes-Benz

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