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Here we are sharing Shab e Meraj HD Wallpapers Photo Images free download. Shab e meraj is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, the seventh month in the Islamic calendar. New good wishes and the Best blessings of Allah are upon respect events, most of which have gained importance in the world.

Consorting to far-flung practice, the event happened on the night of the 27th of Rajab, It is mentioned in the Koran and the Hadith. Shab e Meraj Download HD Wallpapers

Hazrat Abdullah ibn Mas’ood also narrated that Allah Almighty Allah peace is upon submission of the night went to three things. 1. 2 five-time prayers. The last verses of al-Baqarah 3. Find latest Prayers (Nafl) for Shab-e-Miraj information on wiki.

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