Rolls-Royce Phantom Car Price and Features

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New Rolls-Royce Phantasma gets in multitude 4 versions. Depressive disorder on a Rolls-Royce Phantasma type study to pair on-road soprano in your municipality, specifications and boast.Rolls-Royce Phantom Car 2014 Price and Features

Everything in life is relative, and perhaps no car illustrates this issue as competently as the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

While it’s mechanically the “entry-level” Rolls-Royce form, the Ghost’s $250,000 base price puts it in the stratosphere of the general automotive market.

Regardless of that MSRP, the sedan could really be advised a cut-rate, at least in relative to the rest of the Rolls lineup – it offers more power, better management and almost as much space and cachet as the Phantom sedan for approximately $130,000 less.

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