Porsche 919 Hybrid 24h of Le Mans Qualifying

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New Porsche 24h of Le Mans Qualifying - Por06

Comeback on the front row: the Porsche 919 Hybrid will start 2nd and 4th for the 24h of Le Mans. After this excellent performance in qualifying, the focus is now on race preparation for our Mission.

The Porsche 919 Hybrid:

With two distinctive vitality recuperation frameworks, the Porsche 919 Hybrid is the most intricate race auto the games auto maker has ever fabricated and serves as the speediest versatile examination lab for future street autos. The lightweight model is trimmed for amazing execution and proficiency. Other than the dynamic vitality recuperation framework (MGU-K) under braking, the 919 Hybrid recovers warm fumes vitality (MGUH) when quickening. The blending of these two frameworks implies a venture into an obscure region for Porsche and a remarkable peculiarity in the whole WEC.

At the point when the driver reviews the put-away vitality from the fluid-cooled lithium-particle battery packs, an electric engine drives the two front wheels with more than 250 hp. This force adds to the in excess of 500 hp ignition motor (downsizing 2.0 liters V4-barrel, turbocharged with immediate infusion) and along these lines the two frameworks bring about the transitory all-wheel drive.

“Home of British Motor Racing” You can’t miss the message that Silverstone is the Home of British Motor Racing – the motto invites you in enormous letters at the principle entryway. The principal circuit was inherent 1948 in the grounds of a military airbase. Today’s track design offers a 5.891 km long and level Grand Prix circuit with 18 twists.

A considerable lot of their names are said with extraordinary appreciation by drivers. Case in point the extraordinary blending of Maggots-Becketts-Chapel, which heads onto the Hangar straight, finishing at the sharp right-hander of Stowe corner. Silverstone is placed in Northamptonshire, 130 kilometers northwest of London. See some pictures of Porsche 919 Hybrid 24h of Le Mans Qualifying…

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