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About Masjid Nabawi:

Masjid Nabawi or Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi is the most secret place of the world’s Muslims who have a great love for the Prophet’s PBUH Hazrat Muhammad SAWW place. This is the place after the Holy Ka’ba was found in Mecca. The people all over the world come to pray and see this holy place after complete the Hajj Mubarak. I love this place as the dearest place of my life is there. The latest photo of Masjid Nabawi can be seen here. 

Masjid Nabawi Widescreen Wallpapers Backgrounds

Today I am sharing a beautiful collection of Masjid Nabawi Wallpaper and Beautiful M Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Wallpapers Photo free download. Prophet’s Mosque, or Mosque of the Prophet, or the Holy Mosque , one of the largest mosques in the world and the second holiest site in Islam (after the Grand Mosque in Mecca ), a mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad in Medina after emigrating year 1 AH corresponding to 622 next to his house after the building Quba mosque.

Over the mosque several expansions through history, through the era of the Caliphs and the Umayyad state Valabasih and Ottoman, and finally in the era of the Saudi state, where it has the largest expansion in 1994. Prophet’s Mosque is the first place in the Arabian Peninsula, where the lighting is by the use of electric lights in 1327 corresponding to 1909.

The construction of Masjid e Nabawi SAWW is a long process but you can see how it’s looking now for the zayreen of the World. The view of Masjid e  Nabvi mosque from Jannatul Baqi looks more beautiful. beautiful masjid nabawi wallpapers photo

Beautiful Masjid Nabawi Wallpaper HD Free Photo Gallery

The scene of this Masjid Nabawi Wallpaper At Night is most attractive and cool for all Muslims. Following the expansion, carried out by Omar bin Abdul Aziz in 91 e Enter the Aisha compartment (currently known as “roommate Prophet Muhammad, ” which is located in the southeastern corner of the mosque) and buried where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr and Omar ibn al – Khattab, and it was built green dome that It is one of the most prominent landmarks Prophet’s mosques.

The mosque was a great role in political and social life, it was a social center, the Court, and a religious school. The beautiful Green Dome Masjid Nabawi Islamic Wallpapers are the most liked all over the world. Get Green Dome Of The Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH Mosques Masjid Nabawi Wallpapers free download for mobile and desktop in widescreen high-quality format here. 


The mosque is located in the center of Medina and is surrounded by many of the old hotels and markets nearby. Many of the people who perform the Hajj or Umrah visit, and visit the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be to talk «who visited the graves and be assured of my intercession.

Here you will see the latest Masjid Nabawi Wallpaper Download and 3d Wallpaper Masjid Nabawi with new Masjid Nabawi Image Download free for mobile and desktop. You can see the view of Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Green Dome full HD wallpapers at night that look awesome. Most loveliest Masjid Nabawi Wallpaper Hd and best Masjid Nabawi Photos Wallpaper Download. See here best Masjid Nabawi Pictures Hd for you…

Green Dome Of The Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH Mosques Masjid Nabawi Wallpapers

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