Ken block latest ford f150 Hoonigan Raptortrax model

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Ken block latest ford f150 Raptortrax 2014 model _ (5)

Hoonigan & Ken Block famous Racing Division today brought out its new project called Raptor TRAX , which is established on the Ford F150 Raptor. Ken Block Ford F150 Raptor TRAX aims to be the aims vehicle expedition backwoods coast.

They say it is the world’s most debauched snowcap. The Ford F150 Raptor TRAX was evolved by exceptional Vehicle notions in California. Ken impede is an Internet occurrence after commencing the Gymkhana sequence of videos in support of shoes and apparel.

Now, it seems that the beloved Ken Block is kind of boring with hatch or rather the endless allowance of snowfall covering America right now and hence why he built the RaptorTRAX ! Excluding the exclamation issue.

obviously, however, Mr. impede has just issued a teaser video on their website to show what Instagram has been upto. Just accomplished my first test yield / snow my new Ford F -150. We know that Ken impede has the best job in the world, if we can sort your daily undertakings like work. anyhow, life is currently more fun than before, thanks to its Ford F -150 as RaptorTrax .

It probably did not hassle to secure put chains on his motor motor motor truck, instead of changing the wheels to Mattracks in all bends. Of course, he did not halt there; this beast is equipped with a Whipple supercharger bolted to the 6.2-literV8 motor. According to Block, this is the world’s fastest snowcat , and found no reason to contradict with his claims.

The motor motor truck has a custom set of external characteristics , encompassing a roof basket , snowboard racks , outdoor sound equipment and lots of light … and in case you missed them , four Mattracks for optimum grab and stability in the fresh snowfall. You love and much sure to be be comment. Here to look Ken block latest ford f150 Raptortrax model Pictures…

Ken block latest ford f150 Hoonigan Raptortrax model

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