Ford Mustang For Charity car is Coming Soon

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2015 ford mustang News

Ford has been a supporter of EAA AirVenture, a great show, Annual Children held in Oshkosh, WI, for several years, with one of the most significant contributions tic are a modified Ford Mustang designed to resemble one of the large aircraft U.S. combat.

There was an SR-71 Mustang, based on the legendary spy plane, an edition Red Tails, Everything honored you have innovative Tuskegee aviators World War II, as well as blues and angels Thunderbird Mustangs based back in great military aerial demonstration of U.S. equipment .

The Ford Mustang are a car manufactured by Ford Motor Company. Basal initially in the platform is the second generation Ford Falcon in North America, tick compact. Introduced earlier of April 17, 1964 and as a model Malthus called “1964 ½” by Mustang fans, the 1965 Mustang was the automaker’s successful launch Is that the model A.

Each check is auctioned, with all products go to the EAA Young Eagles program, all you children have Introduces joy of flight. AirVenture For All That runs from July 28 to August 3 pony once since based itself in the new-for Mustang, and last American combat aircraft – the controversial F-35 Lightning II.

Paint Scheme Mustang sports titanium single, brilliant with both sections there mate, as well as blue and yellow stickers inspired Adjusts Elements of CF-1 test in the first plane F-35.

A carbon-fiber splitter and rear borders Add to disseminate some visual eye candy, while the inside has a set of Recaro seats. Also Ford Opto only wheels to be adjusted to brawnier aileron back to tie it all together.

Taking account of previous versions in the Mustang crossed to the usual $ 400,000 blocks, there is little reason to think That this last example, from the sixth generation will be awaited with great enthusiasm a buy cheap Mustang. Coach of jet fighter inspired muscle will be auctioned at the Nest of Eagles Charity event on 31 July.2015 Ford Mustang Model Details Specs Info

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