Bentley’s gt3 racer going to introduction at the gulf 12 hours in abu dhabi

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Bentley Continental GT3 Concept Photos

Bentley’s gt3 racer going to introduction at the gulf 12 hours in abu dhabi. Bentley compete again, and has booted things endurance rush two parties to the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi and doing pretty well for the group so far – the Conti GT3 in its debut in the affray , managed to complete eighth in both practice sessions at the Yas Marina circuit , from a total of 23 participants .

The Big Ben pulled the fastest vehicle on the circuit 2.7 seconds to P1, and the gap is slash to just 0.7 seconds on P2. Therefore, it is time.

After more than a ten years of nonattendance in motorsports, Bentley is ready to proceed rushing afresh. It set the ball rolling with the unveiling of the GT3 rush car mainland last year, and after having tuned the vehicle to withstand the rigors of endurance racing , has now taken up his come back to the world of racing car at the 12 Hours in Abu Dhabi Gulf .

There is a lot of thought has gone into the vehicle and the equipment is running. It can be a Continental GT in essence, but this pathway device is not anything like a correct Bentley – nothing even remotely luxurious cabin, so no oak veneer or costly cow coverings.

The GT3 Conti , co- developed by M -Sport Ltd, is exposed to the fundamental elements, weighing a full ton less than the road-going CGT , which weighs about 2.3 tons. And it has 4 -liter twin-turbo V8 600bhp drive to the rear wheels through a sequential gearbox with six gears. Leading the crusade is GT3 Brian Gush, controller of Motorsport Bentley , furthermore the man who oversaw the last triumph of motorsport Bentley at LeMans in 2003.

The new group , all-British “Bentley Boys ‘ comprises of Guy Smith (he was the pilot of the victorious Speed 8 LeMans in ’03 ) , Steven Kane and Andy Meyrick, reaching after accomplishing a thriving season in Blancpain Endurance series – which is the number of Bentley is really the goal – and rushing gliders , a rush car that we admired quite an allotment. The Gulf 12 Hours rush will take place tomorrow. Now see Bentley’s gt3 racer going to the introduction at the gulf 12 hours in abu Dhabi…

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